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The Big Problem:

In the past, obtaining data was the major hurdle. Now with abundant data everywhere, the real challenge lies in asking the right questions to gain meaningful insights. This necessitates rethinking how we analyze and present information - the core of reporting has fundamentally shifted. So how has your reporting changed?

We surveyed thousands of Marketing, Public Relations & Communications professionals and discovered a major pain point - 70% struggle to measure the true impact of their work.

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Saying #byefelicia to FOMO and finally having peace of mind?
Fear Of Missing Out is a byproduct of being unprepared and unequipped. Believe us when we say the peace of mind is PRICELESS. Plus, you get to be rid of automated reports that are making you look, well -- BASIC
A world where there's no more revolving door in your Marcom department?
No more training little Suzy on the wonderful world of Media Monitoring, Social Listening, Dashboards, Analytics & Reporting. Just to see them become a full-time TikTok content creator six months later. Eek!

If you can press a button

and generate your reports

YOU'VE GOT A PROBLEM! This is the harsh truth. Now, take a breath - in and out. One Mississippi, two Mississippi. Is that better?! Look, it's not too late to change. In fact, today is the first day of your new life as a Marketer, Communicator or PR professional who brings a whole new level of strategic value to your C-Suite. That is, if you change now!

TLDR: Your brain is wired to resist change.

The FUD is holding you back. We're talking Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

Reason number one is true classic, exploited by advertisers for centuries. The FUD, which we'd actually add an "A" for anxiety to, is your worst enemy. Our best advice is to look in the mirror, ponder on the harsh truth and stare it back in the eyes! Confidence and trust will change the FUD forever.


Let's be honest - You don't know, what you don't know.

While working for some of the largest media intelligence companies in the world, we'd hear this practically every day. Yet if we're being honest, it's usually a crutch, an excuse, a red herring, if you will. Something that's standing between your team, and change.


Things have always been this way, and there's no ask from Leadership to change... YET!

In instances where this rings true, most of the time it's due to the C-Suite not looking at the team as a Strategic Resource. The reality is, in most cases above, Executive Leadership is looking at you as a cost center rather than an invaluable councilor to power. So how do we change that?


You're assuming it's expensive, so it's all unexplored territory.

Simply put, we're not the cheapest solution, so you're not entirely wrong. HOWEVER, we exist to be competitive. In a market full of sharks and the same old status quo, if pricing is a major factor - treat us as your friends. Be upfront and honest with us, and we'll help make changing a smooth journey for you. Within your budget constraints.


Status Quo: Vanity Metrics.

"Wow, we're at an all time high of likes, comments and shares on our Linkedin posts this month! People are definitely going to buy our products. I bet sales will be up through the roof. I can start planning for some bonuses. Maybe building an online cart for some new shoes and a bag" - Brenda in Marketing.

Does Brenda's story sound familiar? Maybe you know someone who shows up to the C-Suite with similar news like Brenda? Maybe you too have been guilty of wishful thinking in the past? The harsh reality is that it's a true story. It's happening to so many people across the US. What worked so well in the past just seems to not be working the same anymore. You see, Brenda committed a cardinal sin in the Measurement space. She relied on vanity metrics. If you don't know what else Brenda should have done. It's time we had a chat right away!

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Water, water everywhere!

And not a drop to drink. Good old Samuel Taylor Coleridge coined that phrase in 1834. Funny enough, by then the Media Monitoring industry was already around 120 years old. That's right, it started with the first US newspapers in the 1700s. Why are we bringing it up? Well it's because back then, they had plenty of data but they had no idea what to do with it.

The same old metrics of readership, sentiment, key messages, and how many copies-sold were how Marketers, and Communications folks would justify their salaries to the big bosses. Mind you, women only won the right to vote in the US in 1920.

Here's the thing, if your reporting efforts are in any way similar to how things have been done back in STC's day -- Maybe the phrase ought to be a cautionary one. Data everywhere, yet no real insights that stand up to questioning. At minimum, ask yourself SO WHAT?! When it's time to take things seriously, regardless of your sophistication levels -- let's grab a virtual coffee!

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