Chess, not checkers.

You can make us your best kept secret, or shout our names from the rooftops. Either way, familiarize yourself with our 5 step process before you drop us a line.



Step One: After a brief pre-workshop consultation, you meet for as long as you need, with a seasoned Marketing, PR & Communications leader. They specialize in your areas of focus, and will set you up for success.

Together, you and your team undergo guided problem solving in a hands-on manner, aligned to best practice. Ensuring there are no missed opportunities, hidden pain-points, or unfinished business.

Risk, crisis, reputation, strategic planning & goal setting, measurement, and even guidance with day to day tactical activities are all potential topics to cover.

Your workshopping outcomes, recommendations and strategic outputs will empower your team to grow naturally into the next step.


Data Partner Support Services

Step Two: If you don't have access to Media Monitoring or Social Listening tools, you'll likely have to action the recommendations that came out of the workshop before proceeding. Talk to us, if you need further assistance as we can provide support to help you.

For all others, it's time to think of your Media Monitoring & Social Listening data as a commodity. What matters is efficacy and efficiency. Meaning getting things done, and in the most economical way.

With our background in this space, and having previously worked for the world leaders for many years, we developed a service to optimize your data in accordance to your workshopping outcomes.

Done correctly, this is a game changer and a superpower. The icing on top? It all happens without having to train, or even pay salaries. Let's properly structure everything, before proceeding to the next step.


Monthly & Quarterly Analysis

Step Three: Everyone's drowning in data these days, yet unsurprisingly they're starving for insights. So, here's where the first two steps begin to inform the way you prove the value of your efforts to your Executive Leadership.

Regardless of your team's sophistication levels, this is where an overhaul takes place. We call it walking, running or flying. That is to say, you'll gain momentum. It's true for those who are using a new framework for measurement, to those linking communications data to organizational performance data like sales, web traffic and HR data.

We'll help you benchmark your organization against itself, peers, or competitors. Apply custom scorecards to coverage, inform reputation, risk, and key message penetration.

Watch the needle move on prolific authors, audiences, and channels. All in a language that your C-Suite understands and can support. Better still, is when you're able to effectively prove the impact of your efforts on not just your organization, but on society, policy & even economic conditions.


Situation Reports

Step Four: Maybe you skipped the last step to get here (that's okay) because you need reporting and insights in a more urgent manner. Maybe you need to discern between an issue, or a crisis. Or perhaps both.

Trigger events are so varied, they happen in a flash or are sometimes slow moving. In any case, this step is critical for when you're looking for intel to be gathered within a quick turnaround time (24-72hrs).

The correct strategic response to any trigger events should be backed by data and insights. Situation Reports help you quickly understand if a trigger event justifies action from your organization. Informing resource allocation, planning, communications tactics, and crisis response.

You will find them helpful in crises, but also for anything getting media pickup. From a new executive appointee, to a product launch, event sponsorship and more.

For best results, bundle these reports like an insurance policy, to cover your adhoc reporting needs for the year before proceeding to the last step.


Bulletin Reports

Step Five: Bulletin reports are usually morning briefings of poignant news & social content to get your stakeholders in the game. Typically in a daily or weekly manner.

They're designed in a custom HTML format, and can include top mentions of your brand, spokespeople and business units. They include sections that suit your needs like important news regarding your industry, competitors, regulatory updates, even customers and suppliers.  

You can adjust various levels of intensive service delivery to fit your budget. That could include making rules for approval processes, to partial completion or even white glove service, to handle all the details for you.

Your stakeholders will feel your presence, and appreciate the way you're immune to FOMO. Always keeping a finger at the pulse of what matters in your world.


These steps, when implemented together will result in extreme levels of success, feelings of fulfillment, joy and happiness. They are likely to result in growth, confidence, leadership, promotion and cementing your place in the boardroom as an invaluable councilor to power. Use wisely!